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What's going at  Sylvan Academy?

                Sunday 14th September
Revesby Workers Club

All classes are competing
Competition starts at 9am.
Check your timetables for your competition times.
Please arrive at least a half hour before you are due to dance.

Hair in a donut bun
·         On the crown of the head - not too high!!
·         Hair must be gelled down
·         Use bobby pins to secure the bun
·         Hair net over the top.
·         Hair spray at the end to secure any fly away hair.
Full stage make up
·         Foundation
·         Blush
·         Eye shadow – browns and creams only
·         Black mascara
·         Black eye liner
·         RED lipstick

Come and join the Sylvan family in 2014. 
New pupils always welcomed.
We offer classes in all dance styles and DRAMA 
for all ages (3yrs to Adult/ professional standard)
Dance competitively - 
we offer many performance opportunities for 
students wanting to compete in the dance world
Dance for Fun - 
enjoy the challenging weekly classes we offer
 to all ages and take part in 
our annual Christmas concert in December.

Please check Calendar for all important 
dates for the term.

Saturday November 29th, 2014
Sutherland Entertainment Centre


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